Danica and dale jr dating

It was at Champion's Week in Las Vegas where Junior and his now wife confirmed the date. 88 Chevrolet after experiencing concussion-like symptoms. He would not drive again for the rest of the year, but previously announced -- also earlier this month -- that he has been cleared for 2017. shared updates of his recovery on social media, and credited Amy with helping fuel his desire to get back in the car.

"I'm really excited and have enjoyed going through the process," Earnhardt Jr. "I've never been married before and I'm excited to be marrying Amy." The wedding was the capstone of what previously had been a tough year for the two-time Daytona 500 winner.

For all the fakeness and pretending, Jr doesn’t deserve to end his career on a winning high note.

I’m not surprised he handled his win the way he did.

But as the laps wound down and it became apparent Stenhouse was in contention for his first career win, Patrick’s attention shifted to watching the race.

When Stenhouse crossed the finish line, Patrick hustled to meet her boyfriend where they shared a celebratory kiss.

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"When someone has a good day and someone has a bad day, usually the bad day takes over.

But only one couple trade paint with each other in screaming racecars at 200 mph. I feel like last year we really made a big effort to celebrate the good days more so than come down to the misery level of the other person," Patrick said during an interview arranged by sponsor Aspen Dental. It made a big difference." Patrick finished 24th in points last year with just two top-10 finishes — her third straight disappointing season in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series. She's no longer the va-va-voom sex kitten of the Go Daddy commercials.

That's Danica Patrick and boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Stenhouse finished 25th with just three top-10s — his third straight disappointing season after breaking in as a rookie in 2013. With her dedication to yoga, and endorsement deals with Aspen Dental and Nature's Bakery, she's projecting a more healthy, outdoorsy image.

“All I did was throw my tennis shoes on and got out the door on the golf cart and went to victory lane and waited for him to pull in” Patrick said.

“That was a gift of an experience to be able to have in our relationship because most of the time I would be dealing with my team and dealing with whatever I had going on. I had showered and spend the afternoon standing around celebrating with him.

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