Dating at 36

PREFERING to have your schedule planned out is a PREFERENCE not a value and should not be a need to determine if you could ever possibly be a girlfriend or a wife.Whatever happened to the days where you really enjoyed the other person so much so, that you slowly learned about them, their likes and dislikes and learned slowly to accept them or change them for the other person to be more comfortable?????By embarking on the path slowly, we have the chance to look around and consider other options as we learn and grow.We have time to examine the underlying values of the desire for change and find ways to manifest those feelings, whether it looks exactly like our initial goal or not.While this atmosphere and the fact that they were not strangers didn’t comply with the former study, Catron notes that the questions did what they were supposed to do, which was to open communication up gradually from not too personal – “What would constitute a perfect day for you?” – to more intimate – “Tell your partner something you like about them already.”As the questions intensified, Catron noticed that she started to relate to and feel more for her conversation partner.Sure, they will SAY they aren't looking for a clone of themselves, but the truth is, if you listen to them when they speak on these dates, that IS what they are looking for. I never in my wildest dreams thought I was losing time...until now.I thought I was living the dream I was taught I could have. I honestly do not understand the mindset of these men.

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I believe is cleary illustrates my feelings on this subject: Small changes allow us to grow into a new habit and make it a permanent part of our lives, whereas sudden changes may cause a sense of failure that makes it difficult to go on, and we are more likely to revert to our old ways.

I have met single man after single man, who show this same lack of understanding or willingness to experience this in a relationship over and over and over.

He comes in all packages: tall, short, heavy, thin, educated, less educated, pretty, ugly...doesn't matter. There's a big part of me that regrets taking so long to work on myself. This is what my life presented to me and I worked with it.

They were trying to make the world as they wished it were for them. I always agreed with these ideas and at the risk of completely repeating myself... Here's the problem with this: I, as a single woman, at the age of 36 (-5 ha) who lived these values, took her time to develop herself never thinking that after I crossed the line of 35 I would become the undesirable to still single men, am dealing with a very strange breed of men.

Men of my age who are married somewhere along the lines learned and live the ideals of the art of compassion for their mates differences and desires.

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