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If you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this story. If fingering herself actually worked she wouldn’t be even having this conversation. “If you’re sure you could never do something like that that’s fine, but if you’re not sure I might have a proposition for you.” Selena said after a while. Miley opened her mouth to say no, but the word didn’t came out. Instead she closed her mouth and bit her lip, and then after a while said, “I don’t know…” “Please?

I do not make any money from the writing of this story. All the fun of sex, technically without the actual sex.” Again there was some silence as Miley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I could call one of my security guards in here and you could watch.” Selena said.

That didn’t last too long though, Selena soon sucking the cock louder than ever before.

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I went through something similar, and then I embraced being a technical virgin.“I could help you.” Selena said, again breaking the silence which had fallen between the two Disney stars. Well, at least for heterosexual girls.” Selena said. I guess that’s one way to look at it, but we couldn’t do something like that.” “Why? He wasn’t as gigantic and intimidating as some bodyguards Miley had seen, but he looked like he could handle himself.Miley looked at Selena with a frown on her face, and then suddenly she seemed to panic, “I’m not gay.” “O… “Like letting a guy go down on you, or vice versa.” Selena said, a tiny smirk creeping across her face at her friend’s expression. He was definitely the type of bodyguard Disney like to hire for events where they weren’t expecting any trouble as he was young, maybe in his late twenties, and attractive enough to be around the pretty people without actually distracting from them.She then slid her tongue down again, repeating the process so she was slowly licking the cock, paying extra attention to the tip every now and again which really seemed to make the guard moan.From where she was sitting Miley had a perfect view of this, and while she knew she should look away, should call this whole ridiculous thing off, she was riveted, her eyes locked on what was happening so much she was barely even blinking. ” Miley gasped easily as loud as the guy when Selena swallowed the head of the cock, her pouting lips wrapping tightly around the now quite alarmingly large piece of man meat and noisily beginning to suck.

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