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And why did the Greek philosopher Plato write more than 2,300 years ago, "Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable"?

One of my favorite little books is entitled Up to No Good: The Rascally Things Boys Do, edited by Kitty Harmon.

My friends and I pocketed the snout of the pig and stuck it on the water fountain so that the water shot straight up out of the pig's nostrils.

No one really noticed it until they were bent over just about to drink. 1960 A friend and I found a coffee can of gasoline in the garage and decided to pour some down a manhole, light it, and see what would happen.

The problem is that we wanted to stick around and see the results, but then we started laughing so hard that we got caught. We popped the manhole open, poured some gas in, and replaced the cover so that it was ajar.

We kept throwing matches down but nothing happened, so we poured all the gas in.

Although individual temperaments vary, boys are designed to be more assertive, audacious, and excitable than girls are.The ground was rumbling like an earthquake, and the manhole cover crashed about twelve feet away in the neighbor's driveway.What happened was the gas ran down the sewer lines for a block or so and vaporized with all the methane in there, and blew up all our neighbors' toilets.It is a compilation of stories told "by perfectly decent grown men" recalling their childhood years.Here are several examples that made me smile: In seventh grade, the biology teacher had us dissect fetal pigs.

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