Help writing a profile for online dating

They are a limited way of getting to know someone-and the real test is the face to face meeting.

With that, keep in mind that even after you have started meeting people, you may not get "hooked up" right away.

They are scared that the guy they work with, or another acquaintance, will discover their profile and somehow that makes them uncomfortable.

Well, guess what those other people are the ones who are behind the curve.

Of course during the time when you are conversing with them with emails, instant messages and photo calls-you should feel that the other person is a good fit for you and has not said anything completely strange.

But the take home message here is to arrange the first date fast after you feel that there's nothing really wrong with the other person-and avoid falling into the trap of trying to get too much in information just from emails, instant messages and phone conversations.

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