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This was also the first time in twelve years of government that the National Party was able to gain a majority in the White electorate.

The opposition United Party and many English-speaking Whites of British descent were opposed to a republic, but once again, Verwoerd changed the law to his advantage: He lowered the voting age for Whites to 18, and allowed Whites in South West Africa to vote.

Jews were also sharply criticised as a result of the important professional positions they held, which were seen as a threat to Afrikaners.

During World War II the Johannesburg of taking a pro-Nazi stand.

During this visit, he might have met with Fischer, but even at this stage, social-Darwinism was not the focus of Verwoerd's research.

He published a number of works dating back to that time, which are all still available at the library of the University of Stellenbosch: His fiancee, Betsie Schoombie, joined him in Germany and they were subsequently married on 7 January 1927 in Hamburg.

He was responsible for the displacement of some 80 000 Africans from Sophiatown, Martindale and Newclare to the newly established townships of south-western Johannesburg (Soweto).The following year, when the National Party led by Dr D. Malan came into power, he left his position as editor to represent the NP in the Senate.He rose to Cabinet level in 1950 as Minister of Native Affairs.He returned home in 1928 to lecture at his old university.He was appointed to the chair of Applied Psychology and six years later also became Professor of Sociology and Social Work.

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