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Charlie Smith was shown to be close friends with the male Pratt.In the workplace, Cutrone is featured as Conrad's boss, while Brent Bolthouse serves as Montag's boss.The storyline was also modified to depict Jenner as Cavallari's former boyfriend, and began to portray a romantic tension.The Hills was often criticized for appearing to fabricate much of its storyline, and was particularly criticized during the fifth season.

During Part I, Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt nearly ended their turbulent relationship before deciding to marry.

Kimberly Brandon and Chiara Kramer are shown as Montag and Patridge's respective co-workers and friends.

After Kristin Cavallari became the series' focal point in the second half of the season, the dynamic between cast members was adjusted in response to Conrad's absence.

Cavallari herself was friends with Montag and Hall.

Patridge became Cavallari's nemesis after their feud began, while Brescia became Cavallari's brief love interest.

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