Updating of security procedures and scheduling of security audits

Common risks include hacking, information theft, and computer viruses.Companies usually implement a number of network security software programs to mitigate these risks.Active and efficient security is not free so it requires investment.When budgeting, a company must consider the following: * The replacement cost of redundant equipment and software – this is due to the company perhaps already having some aspects of security available and active, they may wish to build on this and add more devices and software perhaps even upgrade their current software, when this occurs, they will need to figure out what software and equipment they require and how much they need to spend.This ensures that anyone related to the organisation, including employees, departments, suppliers and customers, follow an established set of rules to ensure their own welfare, as well as that of the business system and the data held within.Procedures that are often involved in disaster recovery policies may include relocating a copy of the original data to an alternate site, hiring additional staff, purchasing various security equipment and insurance support to fund the aftermath of the disaster and the recovery process that follows.

Many update their antivirus and computer security software, change their password policies, and up the strength of their firewalls in response to audit report findings and recommendations.Audits can usually be as narrow or as comprehensive as administrators wish.It is common for companies to audit individual departments, as well as to focus on specific threats, such as password strength, employee data access trends, or overall integrity of the corporate homepage.One particular aspect of budgeting which always needs to be considered is Security.All businesses should set aside a budget in order to protect both their own and their clients’ interests and assets.

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