What do submissive women want in chat rooms

Pam, have him call me I will set a lunch date for him and the girl. It’s time you met men and learn what you need to know to keep one happy.While writing these lines W/we are looking at three emails W/we received lately.Usually there is no dress code and these meetings are oriented so P/people can talk and exchange views on the lifestyle.According to O/our experience there is always more Doms present in these gathering then subs. - Play party (private or public): The public party is often advertised on the net or in specialized magazines. This is the problem with these parties; many people go to these parties but many P/players don't. Except for a very few places, there is not enough intimacy for many P/players, so T/they prefer to go to private parties.Oh there you are, give a little curtsy to our guests. Oh yes he is a well trained little, well I hate to use the word sissy. Oh I don’t want to get into that just smile and bear up like a good girl. Sissy is good shoe polisher, and she looks cute at your feet Paul, she has gotten used to serving at a woman’s foot but doing foot service for a man in new to her. She can slip your pumps off and even remove your stockings then the little dear can put that talented tongue of hers to work on those tired feet.Oh that is sweet; you have been practicing that little curtsy haven’t you? Oh don’t give me that look, you are more girl than boy now, aren’t you? Don’t look up sissy, you have a job to do and when his shoes are done you still owe him a foot rub. Sissy, you have been told not to look up, you have just about earned a spanking.

For security and social reasons, women are less likely to "come out of the closet" as BDSM players. There are many many male subs for every female Domme, W/we have heard estimates of as high as 100 to 1.She runs her tongue up the sole from heel to toe several times then she takes each toe into her mouth and felates it with love.Then she spreads the toes and cleans between the toes. They are older ladies and I have instructed sissy to be very nice to them. Look at that short skirt and those fishnet stockings.Nothing wrong with that, but many people, men and women, are not ready to do the real thing.If Y/you are man or woman looking, be careful...of wannabes !!!! Just make sure that in your ad you specified what you need and what you want from a male sub.

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